Volunteer coaches facilitate our easy to follow curriculum with groups of 8-20 girls over the course of the season. You will witness transformational change in the girls, and don’t be surprised if you realize that you are positively changing as well! Coaches are not required to be runners; they simply must be passionate about our mission and able to bring energy and joy to each practice.

Each site must have at least one Head Coach and one or more Assistant Coaches. All coaches share in the leading of the lessons. Our program meets twice a week for 90 minutes over the course of 12 weeks. Coaches also attend the end-of-the-season 5k race to encourage the girls during the most inspiring day of the season.  Consistency is extremely important to providing the best possible experience for all girls, so coaches are asked to commit for the entire season.  

GOTR National Coach Certification Training Dates for the Fall 2017 Season are listed on our Events Page.  This certification is for new AND returning coaches who want to coach for Fall 2017.  Women and men, ages 18 yrs or older, are welcome to coach.  Junior Coaches are welcome, starting at 16 yrs old. 

National Coach Certification consists of one hour of online learning and five hours of a workshop session with GOTR staff. You’ll learn about building GOTR style relationships, creating an environment girls can thrive in, and developing a climate in which all girls are celebrated for their personal growth. You will practice leading a GOTR lesson, meet other coaches, and learn critical strategies for impacting girls' lives. 

STEP 1: Complete a NEW Coach or RETURNING Coach Application.

STEP  2: Register for National Coach Certification 

STEP  3: Complete Background Check: We'll send link after Steps 1 & 2.

Head Coach Requirements

  • Communicate/arrange Sub Coaches as needed
  • Become CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Communicate with site liaison, assistant coaches, parents, and GOTR Office
  • Plan and coordinate End of Season Celebration 

Upcoming Dates to Become a Nationally Certified Trained Coach:

Tuesday, August 22nd. 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm Pembroke Office Building #4 Conference Room for 48 max
Saturday, September 9th. 9:00 am - 2:00 pm- Location TBD for 80 max
Thursday, September 14th. 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm- Girls On The Run Conference Room for 16 max
Sunday, September 17th. 11:00 am - 4:00 pm - Location TBD (pending) for 80 max

Important Fall 2017 Program Dates:

June 2nd - Early Bird Site Applications Deadline (GOTR Towel)
September 8th - Site and Coach Applications Due
September 11th - Registration opens at 10:00 am
September 25th - Season Starts
December 17th - 5k Celebration